Amen, a——men!

amenAmen, Amen. A — men!

And so came to an end our second and last performance of Handel’s Messiah, on Saturday 7th. I’d say the performance was of a good standard. We only had 25 choristers and 9 musicians, but we filled up the small church (150 seats) with fine, joyful, music and the audience loved it.

Huge congratulations to Conductor Colin Forbes who directs and teaches brilliantly. I’ve learnt heaps from him.

It was quite an effort, with hours of rehearsals, but less demanding that when I last sang in Messiah five years ago. Surprisingly, I remembered much of the Bass part.

Now it’s practice for a pre-Christmas traditional service of lessons and carols. Deciphering words and music from a cluttered score can be a challenge.


Macpherson’s rudiments

rudimentsA small treasure from my bookshelves, handed down from my father about forty years ago. Very useful for an apprentice singer!

Rudiments of of Music, by Stewart MacPherson. New and revised edition, with addenda, 1908. Further revised edition, 1910. (New edition 1939) London: Joseph Williams, 1939 (JW12990). 84pp. The 3rd Galliard edition, edited by Anthony Payne was published by Stainer & Bell as recently as 1969. ISBN 0852490100

This long-lived little book has been handy for many a chorister and has the great virtue of concisely stating the basic facts in compact form. (It’s interesting to see how many books have benefited by being published with the same title.)