Brian McKinlay – Résumé

Full name              Brian McKinlay
Nationality            Australian citizen
Postal address      GPO Box 3162, Canberra ACT 2601  


Bachelor of Arts (Monash) 1972
Trained Primary Teachers’ Certificate (Victoria) 1971
Graduate Diploma in Librarianship (Canberra) 1975
Associate of the Library and Information Association of Australia 1976
[Graduate] Diploma in Computer Science (La Trobe) 1985Bachelor of Theology (Hons, Class 1) (Charles Sturt) 2002
Master of Theology (with Distinction) (Charles Sturt) 2015
Doctor of Philosophy (Charles Sturt) 2020.

Advanced writing skills, particularly in the analysis, synthesis and presentation of information.
Advanced ability in research, analysis and finding answers to information needs. Demonstrated performance in planning and implementation of complex policy and projects.
Strong general management, supervision and liaison skills and experience.
Experience in proofing and editing of sophisticated English language materials.
Extensive practical knowledge and executive-level experience in the management of information and records.
Advanced English and a reading knowledge of French.

Theology, principally systematics; Public administration generally; Information for the sciences and Parliament; Information and records management; Bibliography.

“Ludwig Wittgenstein in Rowan Williams’s Theological Account of Language,” New Blackfriars 98, no. 1075 (2017): 327–41.
“Revelation in Nicolas Berdyaev’s Religious Philosophy,” Open Theology 3 (2017): 117–133. doi 10.1515/opth-2017-0009.
“Public Theology’s Contribution to the Debate on Climate Change,” Uniting Church Studies 20, no. 1 (2014):61–81.
“An Agenda for Joy: Rowan Williams’s Theology of Conflict, Unity, and Solidarity.” PhD thesis. Charles Sturt University, 2020.


1998–2011: Department of Health and Ageing
Senior Project Officer, Aged and Community Care 1998–2003; Assistant Director, Management Information and Data Analysis, Ageing and Aged Care 2003–7; Assistant Director, Subacute Care Policy and Programs, 2007–11.

1998–2002: Theology student, St Mark’s National Theological Centre and part-time worker.

1996–98: Freelance library consultant.

1990–96: Director, Information Services, Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs.
Directed a large team responsible for library, publications and printing, records, archives, mail services, and copyright for the Department nationally.

1986–90: Chief Information Specialist, Science, Technology and the Environment, Parliamentary Library.
Specialised information services and analysis for members of parliament and parliamentary staff.

1983–86: Deputy Librarian, Aeronautical Research Laboratories, Department of Defence.
Reader Services 1981–3, Technical Services 1983–6.

1979–80: In charge of joint Library in Victoria of the Bureau of Customs and the Australian Government Analytical Laboratories.

1977–78: (As an Australian Volunteer Abroad), Head, English Language Division, Sabah State Library, Malaysia.
Led a large team acquiring English-language materials and providing them to public libraries state-wide. Liaison with government and local authorities.

1976: Cataloguer, Bridges Library, Royal Military College, Duntroon.

1972–74: Primary teacher, particularly at Library Branch, Education Dept. of Victoria.


As a school child, I attended (Anglican) Sunday school and church. As a teenager I followed my parents to be a member of the Christian Revival Church in Frankston, Victoria, 1960–66.

1967-76: Waverley Christian Fellowship, Melbourne.
As a founding member of this church, near Monash University where I was studying, I grew as it grew. From 1967–70 I also took part in the Overseas Christian Fellowship in Melbourne, and from 1970 onwards I encouraged the growth from small beginnings of a large fellowship of overseas students within the church.

1977–78: Gereja Baptis Likas, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
This church offered me superb fellowship and a busy role as church worker during my two years in Kota Kinabalu.

1979–86: Waverley Christian Fellowship, Melbourne (now CityLife Church).
I became a deacon with a wide-ranging leadership and ministry among the several hundred Southeast Asian students and migrants fellowshipping at the church.

1986–2004: St George’s Anglican Church, Pearce, ACT.
As a lay minister, I helped lead services, took part actively in home groups, and preached from time-to-time.

2004–20: St Philip’s Anglican Church, O’Connor ACT.
At various times I have been a liturgical assistant, preacher, coordinator of the parish’s liturgy team, and parish webkeeper … as well fulfilling a host of other minor roles. I was for several years the president of the musical society associated with the parish.

I have been a member of the Diocesan Synod and of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia, a Council member of St Mark’s National Theological Centre and Chair of its Library Committee, as well as Deputy-chair of the Diocesan Clergy Terms and Conditions Committee.


Bachelor of Theology (1998–2000)
Graduated with Distinction; awarded the Laurence Murchison Prize. GPA: 6.22.
Included in the Executive Dean’s List, CSU Faculty of Arts, 1998, 1999 and 2000.
Majored in systematic theology:Introduction to Theological Studies; Creation and New Creation; Aspects of Christology; The People of God; Christian Hope; Pastoral Theology; Feminist Issues in Theology; Sacramental Theology; The Christian Doctrine of God; Biblical and Social Ethics; Interfaith Dialogue: Christianity and Islam.

Bachelor of Theology (Honours) (2001–02)
Graduated with Honours, Class 1. GPA: 6.75
Major essay: “Wolfhart Pannenberg’s eschatological ethics and their application to ecological theology.”
Major essay: “Aspects of Wolfhart Pannenberg’s theological methodology in relationship to his concept of revelation.”
Dissertation: “By method of witness: revelation in Nicholas Berdyaev’s religious philosophy.” A condensed form is published as “Revelation in Nicolas Berdyaev’s Religious Philosophy,” Open Theology 3 (2017): 117–133. doi 10.1515/opth-2017-0009. Supervisor: Dr Graeme Garrett

Master of Theology (2014-15)
Graduated with Distinction. GPA 6.75.
Included in the Executive Dean’s List, CSU Faculty of Arts, 2014 and 2015
Research paper: “The thought of Ludwig Wittgenstein in Rowan Williams’s theological account of language.” A condensed form is published in New Blackfriars 98, no. 1075 (2017): 327–41. Supervisor: Dr Benjamin Myers.
Major essay: “The Holy Spirit and the hermeneutics of scripture in the community of faith.”
Major essay: “What insights might a public theology contribute to the debate on climate change? Published in Uniting Church Studies 20, no. 1 (2014):61–81.

Doctor of Philosophy (2017–20)
Thesis title: “An Agenda for Joy: Rowan Williams’s Theology of Conflict, Unity and Solidarity.” Supervisor: Dr Benjamin Myers.
The thesis explores a theology of conflict and disagreement through the work of Rowan Williams. It argues that conflict and unity are not opposed but are essential parts of the struggle for mutual recognition and solidarity. The thesis develops a theological concept of solidarity as a way of understanding both the unity of the church and struggles for the common good in society.


Married to James Kim, life partner since 1997.
James and I enjoy travel together and everyday life at home.
We are oblates of the Benedictine Abbey at Jamberoo, NSW, and committed to lay Benedictine life.