Lenten Reflections, 2016

Lent 2016

Week One : 10-13 February
Beginning Lent with Rob Lamerton
Prints by Margaret Preston | Jazz guitar with Walter Rodriguez

Week Two : 14-20 February
Prayers plainly spoken, by Stanley Hauerwas
Paintings by Marney Ward | Singing from the Benedictine Sisters of Mary

Week Three : 21-27 February
Approaches to Prayer, from SPCK
Paintings by Margaret Olley | Singing from the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

Week Four : 28 February - 5 March
Ben Myers on Christ's Atonement
Flower paintings from Imperial China | Music by Sir Edward Bairstow

Week Five : 6-12 March
Poems of Wendell Berry
Twentieth Century flower paintings | Singing in the Orthodox tradition

Week Six : 13-19 March
Week Six : Simon Barrow on living together in love
Flower photography by Robert Mapplethorpe | Singing by the Mogens Dahl Chamber of Copenhagen

Week Seven : 20-26 March
Sonnets for Holy Week, by Malcolm Guite
Paintings by Doug Blanchard | Choruses from Bach's St Matthew Passion