The future of the human race is now at stake

Rowan Williams: “It really isn’t an exaggeration to say that the future of the human race is now at stake. The nature of the changes in climate and environment that we’re living with threaten not only the wellbeing but possibly the very being of our species on this planet in the long term. And in the middle term they threaten some of the most vulnerable populations on earth. It’s not at all surprising that people in this urgent situation feel they’ve got to take nonviolent direct action. They’ve got to find a way of putting the case for the human race before those in power. That’s what Extinction Rebellion is doing. That’s what the Friday strikes are doing. And that’s why I believe a wide, deep, support from the public is needed to bring this matter fully to the attention of our political leaders, to show that we can actually achieve democratic change for the good of everybody in our world, as well as in this country.”

Posted: March 2019

And here an atheist also surges action and truth.