Jeans sell Apple

When I opened my copy of a 2006 edition of a well known newsmagazine, this picture was in my face, across a two-page spread.


More evidence (if one needed any) that sex sells. But sells what exactly? Jeans? Well we know that low-slung jeans are sexy. Condom cases? Is that what the small white box is? Strange place to carry one. When you find it, the small white print tells you what is actually on offer. By which time the slightly titillating image is well imbedded in the mind, so that a trendy brand of music player is associated with a vague sexual something or other. Subtle? Or just in-yer-face?

There’s plenty of precedent . . . ‘Abercrombie & crotch’ in 5th Avenue in 2005


… the Stones’ Sticky Fingers cover . . .