Casino Royale

James and I enjoyed the latest Bond flick “Casino Royale”. Up ’till then I hadn’t liked most James Bond films. The bad guys are just too unreal, with their megalomanic plans to take over the world, and Bond was too slick. Daniel Craig in “Casino Royale” is more believable, and a decent actor, too. The plot is the usual thriller mixture of near impossible stunts and close escapes. Bond’s love affair in the film is tender and amusing by turns and crucial to the story, not just a bit of sex.

I liked it.

Craig makes a splash as A hunk in trunks, but the beach scene only lasts a few seconds.


grigioperlaBond’s swimmers are “Grigioperla” trunks from La Perla’s Spring/Summer 2006 collection. They’re overpriced and pretty ordinary, really. This is a case not where “clothes maketh the man” but the man definitely maketh the clothes.