Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke

michaelThis is Canberra poet, Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke, who was for a time a fellow church member.

His work includes chapbooks Deep Wings (White Heron Press, 2004) and, from Pudding House Press, S-h-h-hidelplonk (2002) and Three Hundred and Sixty Four Paper Boats (2007).
Michael has been published in newspapers, anthologies and literary journals, including: The Adirondack Review, The Aguilar Expression, The Archer, Bitterroot, Blast, Cat Machine, Feh, freefall, The Gippsland Writer, Global Tapestry Journal, Going Down Swinging, Graffiti Off The Asylum Walls, The Flask Review, The Harp, Hobo, Illuminations, In Vivo, Krax, The Maryland Review, Mattoid, Minotaur, Möbius, Onionhead Literary Quarterly, Orphic Lute, Otis Rush, The Panhandler, Pearl, The Penny Dreadful Review, The Piedmont Literary Review, Poetry Australia, Post Poems, Prints, Prophetic Voices, stoked!, The Refined Savage, Studio, Wind Magazine, and The Wormwood Review.

And I tried again to end the circle.
The grey Earth I went wandering over
I marvelled over, the future I lived.
—Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke. Quatorzain Climbing Towards You.