A Bibliography of works by Nikolai Alexandrovich Berdyaev (1874–1948) and about him and his work.

Brian McKinlay


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This bibliography grew out research for my Bachelor of Theology (Honours) dissertation, “By Method of Witness: Revelation in Nicholas Berdyaev’s Religious Philosophy”, Charles Sturt University, 2002. I tried comprehensively to identify translations of Berdyaev’s writings into English and secondary materials in English about Berdyaev and his work. This bibliography lists 130 English translations of Berdyaev and 422 secondary sources in English and other Western European languages.
This partly duplicates the work of others, as there are standard bibliographies of primary Berdyaev materials and of secondary materials to 1992. However these were published in very limited runs and are almost unobtainable from libraries or through the used book trade.
The list of primary sources relies considerably on Stephen Janos’s listing of translations of Berdyaev into English, including his own. Vallon also has a significant bibliography, especially of primary works, in his 1960 biography of Berdyaev. I have added some items found elsewhere.
My listing of secondary materials began with a series of searches of electronic bibliographic databases. Additional items, especially theses, were found by searching the Internet catalogues of leading national and university libraries. This work was complemented by an exhaustive general search of the Internet using search engines and other links. The bibliography of secondary materials is a work in progress, as pre-1945 materials must be identified piecemeal using paper-based sources. Nonetheless, I believe the bibliography to be reasonably complete for published material in English. Coverage of unpublished theses, especially British theses, is not complete. Short book reviews have been excluded.
Coverage of materials in other Western European languages covers commonly cited sources, but does not purport to be comprehensive—a thorough check of German, French, Italian, etc. periodical indices would be required for this. The gaping omission in the bibliography is, of course, materials in Russian; in part due to time constraints, but also because of a lack of readily available indices to Russian sources. There has been a revival of interest in Berdyaev in post-communist Russia and some of his books are being published or republished there. The YMCA Press in Paris has published in Russian a four-volume ‘Complete works’ of Berdyaev’s essays.