A Bibliography of English translations of works by Nikolai Alexandrovich Berdyaev (1874–1948).

Nicholas Berdyaev.

Никола́й Алекса́ндрович Бердя́ев (1874–1948).

English translations of his works.

A bibliography compiled by Brian McKinlay.

In memory of Archpriest Stephan Janos, 1947–2021.


In 1978, after extraordinary research, Tamara Klépinine (1897–1987)[1] published an authoritative bibliography of Berdyaev’s published works, including translations into numerous languages.[2] Only a few original Russian items were missed. The present bibliography builds on Klépinine work to offer an updated account of English translations of Berdyaev’s work.
The publication and study of Berdyaev’s work has much increased in Russia since the end of Communist rule; the publication in Russian of Berdyaev’s writing, including reprints and anthologies, is documented by Yakov Krotov at http://krotov.info/4/texts/02_b/Berdyayev_000.htm and http://www.berdyaev.com/Krotov%20Bibliografiya%20Berdyaeva.htm.

Since 1978, many additional English translations of Berdyaev have also appeared, particularly through the prodigious labours of the late Father Stephan Janos of the Orthodox Church in America. Much of Janos’s translation has been published in printed books under his own imprint, frsj Publications, which are available from online booksellers. Note that the bibliography excludes a separate listing of items translated by Stephan Janos that are included in his published books.[3] Approximately 70 of Janos’s translations into English of articles by Berdyaev, however, are available only online, mostly on his website, http://www.berdayev.com. Links to each of these are included here, together with a small number of other translations available only online.

Klépinine numbered each of Berdyaev’s works listed in her bibliography. That numbering is widely used to identify the originals of Berdyaev’s works and is used here. Klépinine also added ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, etc. to denote translations into various languages. As new translations have appeared, this further identification has become outdated.This bibliography is arranged according to the date of first publication in any language, rather than the date of the first English publication. Wherever identifiable, the original sources have been noted (usually, but not exclusively, in Russian). For some items in magazines and anthologies, however, it has proven difficult to identify the source.

Corrections and additions will be welcomed by brian@nottoomuch.com.

March 2022.

[1]. There is biographical note at https://www.babelio.com/auteur/Tamara-Fedorovna-Klepinina/193086https://www.babelio.com/auteur/Tamara-Fedorovna-Klepinina/193086
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Sub Specie Aeternitatis: Articles Philosophic, Social and Literary (1900–1906). frsj Publications, 2019. 0999197924 (hbk); 0999197932 (pbk), Translated by Stephan Janos from Sub specie aeternitatis: Опыты философские, социальные и литературные (1900–1906). Compiled by Nicholas Berdyaev from his own published articles. St Petersburg: М. В. Пирожков, 1907. [K. 3]
Concerning Realism (In Place of an Introduction), pp. 1–6.
1. The Struggle for Idealism, pp. 7–36.
From: ‘Борьба за идеализм.’ Мир Божий (Jun., 1901): 1–26. [K. 105]
2. Towards a Philosophy of Tragedy (Maurice Maeterlinck), pp. 37–60.
From: ‘К философии трагедии М Метерлинк.’ In Литературное дело: Сборник. St Petersburg: А. Е. Колпинского, 1902, 162–184. [K. 49,1]
3. The Ethical Problem in Light of Philosophic Idealism, pp. 61–104.
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4. A Critique of Historical Materialism, pp. 105–138.
From: ‘Критика исторического материализма.’ Мир Божий (Oct 1903): 1–30. [K. 108]
5. The Political Meaning of the Religious Tumult in Russia, pp. 139–158.
From: ‘Политический смысл религиозного брожения в россии.’ Освобождение, no. 37 (1903): 218–20 & no. 38 (1903): 242–45. [K. 109]
6. On the Modern Russian idealism, pp. 159–198.
From: ‘О новом русском идеализме.’ Вопросы философии и психологии, no. 75 (1904): 683–724. [K. 111]
7. A. S. Khomyakov as Philosopher: For the Centennial of His Birth, pp. 199–206.
From: ‘А. С. Хомяков как философ: К столетию дня рождения.’ Мир Божий, (Jul., 1904): 17–22. [K. 110] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1904_110_3.html.
8. N. K. Mikhailovsky and B N Chicherin, pp. 207–22.
    From: ‘Дневник публициста: Н. К. Михайловский и Б. Н. Чичерин: О личности, рационализме, демократии и пр.’ Новый путь (Oct., 1904): р. 278–95. [K. 112]
9. An Answer to Critics, pp. 223–34.
From: ‘О полемике. Ответ критикам. “Идеализм” и наука. ”Идеализм” и свобода. Отношение ‘идеализма’ к переживаемому нами моменту: Группировка общественных направлений.’ Новый Путь. (1904): 361–75. [K. 113]
10. The Fate of Russian Conservatism, pp. 235–244.
From: ‘Судьба русского консерватизма: В защиту свободы мысли и свободного искания.’ Новый Путь. (1904): 324–33. [K. 114]
11. The Catechesis of Marxism, pp. 245–54.
From: ‘Катехизис марксизма.’ Вопросы жизни, no. 2 (1905): 369–79. [K. 115] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1905_115.html.
12. Tragedy and the Everyday Ordinary (L. Shestov), pp. 255–84.
From: ‘Рагедия и обыденность (Л. Шестов).’ Вопросы жизни, no. 3 (1905): 255–88. [K. 117]
13. Culture and Politics. Philosophy of Modern Russian History, pp. 285–98.
From: ‘Дневник публициста: культура и политика (К философии новой русской истории).’ Вопросы жизни, no. 4/5 (1905): 320–34. [K. 118] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1905_118.html.
14. The Crisis of Rationalism within Contemporary Philosophy, pp. 299–314.
From: ‘Кризис рационализма в современной философии (В. Виндельбанд. Прелюдии).’ Вопросы жизни, no. 6 (1905): 168–84. [K. 119]
15. K. Leont’ev: Philosopher of a Reactionary Romanticism, pp. 315–46.
From: ‘К. Леонтьев — философ реакционной романтики.’ Вопросы жизни, no. 7 (1905): 165–98. [K. 120] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1905_120.html.
16. In Defense of the Word, pp. 347–50.
From: ‘“В защиту слова”.’ Вопросы жизни, no. 8 (1905): 165–8. [K. 121]
17. Concerning the New Religious Consciousness, pp. 351–90.
From: ‘О новом религиозном сознании (Д Мережковский).’ Вопросы жизни, no. 9 (1905): 147–188. [K. 122]
18. Revolution and Culture, pp. 391–398.
From: ‘Революция и культура (М. Горький).’ Полярная звезда, no. 2 (1905): 146–55. [K. 123]
19. Towards an History and Psychology of Russian Marxism, pp. 399–408.
From: ‘К истории и психологии русского марксизма.’ Полярная звезда, no. 10 (1906): 678–86. [K. 126] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1906_126.html.
20. The Russian Gironde, pp. 409–16.
From: ‘Русская жиронда.’ Наша жизнь, no. 362 (1906). [K. 125]
21. On the Paths of Politics, pp. 417–30.
From: ‘О путях политики.’ Свобода и культура, no. 2 (1906): 106–21. [K. 127]
22. Democracy and Philistinism, pp. 431–38.
From: ‘Демократия и мещанство.’ Московский еженедельник, no. 11 (1906): 332–5. [K. 129]
23. Concerning the Will of the People, pp. 439–48.
From: ‘О народной воле.’ Московский еженедельник, no. 20 (1906): 31–9. [K. 130] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1906_130_3.html.
24. Reason and Healthy (sic): An Approach to Meaning, pp. 449ff.


The Spiritual Crisis of the Intelligentsia: Articles on Societal and Religious Psychology (1907–1909). frsj Publications, 2015. isbn: 0996399216. Translated by Stephan Janos from Духовный Кризис Интеллигенции: Статьи По Общественной и Религиозной Психологии: 1907–9. St Petersburg: Общественная польза, 1910. [K. 4]
Introduction, pp. 11–16.
Part I. Intelligentsia. Revolution. Nationalness. Literature.
I.1. Decadentism and Mystical Realism, pp. 17–30.
    From: ‘Декадентство и мистический реализм.’ Русская мысль, no. 6 (Jun., 1907): 114–23. [K. 138] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1907_138_4.html.
I.2. Russian God Seekers, frsj Publications, pp. 31–43.
    From: ‘Русские богоискатели.’ Московский еженедельник, no. 29 (1907): 18–28. [K. 131] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1907_131_4.html.
I.3. As to the Psychology of the Revolution, pp. 44–67.
    From: ‘К психологии революции.’ Русская мысль, no. 7 (Jul., 1908): 123–38. [K. 150]
I.4. On the Psychology of the Russian Intelligentsia, pp. 68–80.
    From: ‘Из психологии русской интеллигенции.’ Московский еженедельник, no. 42 (1907): 11–22. [K. 132]
I.5. Rebellion and Submission in the Psychology of The Masses, pp. 81–91.
    From: ‘Бунт и покорность в психологии масс.’ Московский еженедельник, no. 50 (1907): 21–30. [K. 133]
I.6. A Sick Russia, pp. 92–104.
    From: ‘Больная россия.’ Слово, no. 388 (1908). [K. 140]
I.7. Against ‘Maximalism’, pp. 105–12.
    From: ‘Против “максимализма”.’ Московский еженедельник, no. 35 (1908): 17–23. [K. 145]
I.8. Merezhkovsky Concerning the Revolution, pp. 113–31.
    From: ‘Мережковский о революции.’ Московский еженедельник, no. 25 (1908): 3–19. [K. 144]
I.9. Russia and the West: Thoughts, Evoked by the article of P. V. Struve, ‘Great Russia’, pp. 132–140.
    From: ‘Россия и запад.’ Слово, no. 506 (1908). [K. 141]
I.10. The Question Concerning the Intelligentsia and the Nation, pp. 141–50.
    From: ‘К вопросу об интеллигенции и нации.’ Слово, no. 636 (1906). [K. 142]
I.11. Concerning ‘Literary Disintegration’, pp. 151–66.
    From: ‘О “литературном распаде”.’ Московский еженедельник, no. 49 (1908): 39–53. [K. 146]
I.12. The Overcoming of Decadence, pp. 167–77.
    From: ‘Преодоление декадентства (3. гиппиус).’ Московский еженедельник, no. 19 (1909): 49–58. [K. 153]
I.13. Regarding a Certain Remarkable Book (Otto Weininger: Sex and Character), pp. 178–85.
    From: ‘По поводу одной замечательной книги (О Вейнингер: Пол и характер).’ Вопросы философии и психологии, no. 98 (1909): 494–500. [K. 157] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1909_157_4.html.
I.14. Philosophic Truth (Istina) and Intelligentsia Just Truth (Pravda), pp. 186–208.
    From: ‘Философская истина и интеллигентская правда.’ In Вехи: Сборник статей о русской интеллигенции. Moscow: М. Саблина, 1909, pp. 1–22. [K. 52,1]
I.15. Black Anarchy, pp. 209–16.
    From: ‘Черная анархия.’ Слово (17 Apr., 1909). [K. 152]
Part II. Religion. Church.
II.1. Nihilism on a Religious Soil, pp. 217–24.
From: ‘Нигилизм на религиозной почве.’ Век (6 May, 1907). [K. 135] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1907_135_4.html.
II.2. The Question Concerning the Relationship of Christianity to the Societal Movement, pp. 225–36.
    From: ‘К вопросу об отношении христианства к общественности.’ Век (24 Jun., 1907). [K. 136]
II.3. The Dispute over Church and State in Russia, pp. 237–50.
    From: ‘Распря церкви и государства.’ Вопросы религии, no.2 (1908), 108–122. Moscow: Ефимова. [K. 51,1]
II.4. Christ and the World (Reply to V. V. Rozanov, pp. 251–71.
    From: ‘Христос и мир (Ответ В. Розанову).’ Русская мысль, no. 1 (Jan., 1908): 42–55. [K. 149] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1908_149_4.html.
II.5. Catholic Modernism and the Crisis of the Contemporary Consciousness, pp. 272–94.
    From: ‘Католический модернизм и кризис современного сознания.’ Русская мысль, no. 9 (Sep., 1908): 80–94. [K. 151]
II.6. Attempt at a Philosophical Justification of Christianity (Concerning the Book of V. Nesmelov The Science of Man), pp. 295–322.
    From: ‘Опыт философского оправдания христианства (В И Несмелов: Наука о человеке).’ Русская мысль, no. 9 (Sep., 1909): 54–72. [K. 158] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1909_158_4.html.
II.7. An Open Letter to Archbishop Anthony [Khrapovitsky], pp. 323–24.
    From: ‘Открытое письмо Арх. Антонию.’ Московский еженедельник, no. 32 (1909): 39–46. [K. 154]


The Philosophy of Freedom. frsj Publications, 2020. isbn: 0999197940 (hbk); 0999197959 (pbk). Translated by Stephan Janos from Философия Свободы: Гносеологическая Проблема. Moscow: Путь, 1911. [K. 5]
Foreword, pp. 1–4.
Part I.
1. Philosophy and Religion, pp. 5–29.
2. Faith and Knowledge, pp. 30–59.
3. The Gnoseological Problem, pp. 61–90.
4. Concerning an Ontological Gnoseology, pp. 91–118.
Part II.
5. The Origin of Evil and the Meaning of History.
Preliminary, pp. 119–24.
5.1. About the Origin of Evil and Sin About God as Trinity, pp. 125–46.
5.2. Concerning the History of the World Prior to Christ; Concerning the Old Testament and Paganism, pp. 147–53.
5.3. Christ and the New Testament, pp. 154–59.
5.4. Concerning Christian History and Historical Christianity, pp. 160–70.
5.5. Concerning a Third Testament and its Connection with the Meaning of History, pp. 171–88.
Summation on Suffering and Responsibility, pp. 189–96.
6. On Christian Freedom, pp. 197–210.
7. Mysticism and the Church, pp. 211–36.
Addendum: A Refined Thebaid (The Religious Drama of Huysmans), pp. 237ff.


Aleksei Stepanovich Khomyakov. frsj Publications, 2017. isbn: 0996399259 (hbk); 0999197916 (pbk). Translated by Stephan Janos from Алексей Степанович Хомяков. Moscow: Путь, 1912. [K. 6]
Preface, pp. 1–2.
1. The Origins of Slavophilism, pp. 3–22.
2. Aleksei Stepanovich Khomyakov as a Person, pp. 23–58.
3. Khomyakov as Theologian: His Teachings about the Church, pp. 59–82.
4. Khomyakov as Philosopher: His Gnoseology and Metaphysics, pp. 83–102.
5. Khomyakov’s Philosophy of History, pp. 103–30.
6. The Teaching of Khomyakov Concerning Society and the State, pp. 131–46.
7. The Teaching of Khomyakov on Nationalness and the National Vocation, pp. 147–62.
8. The Significance of Khomyakov: The Fate of Slavophilism, pp. 163–78.
The Slavophilism of the Ruling Powers, pp. 179–90.
Translator Comments, pp. 191ff.


The Meaning of the Creative Act. London: Gollancz, 1955. Includes revisions made in 1927 for the German translation. Reprinted: Semantron Press, 2009. Translated by Donald A. Lowrie from Смысл творчества: Опыт оправдания человека. Moscow: Г. А. Леман и С. И. Сахаров, 1916. [K. 8]
Author’s Preface for the German edition.
1. Philosophy as a Creative Act.
2. Man, Microcosm and Macrocosm.
3. Creativity and Redemption.
4. Creativity and Gnosselogy.
5. Creativity and Being.
6. Creativity and Freedom: Individualism and Universalism.
7. Creativity and Asceticism: The Genius and the Saint.
8. Creativity and Sex: Male and Female: Race and Personality.
9. Creativity and Love: Marriage and the Family.
10. Creativity and Beauty: Art and Theurgy.
11. Creativity and Morals: The New Ethic of Creativity.
12. Creativity and the Structure of Society.
13. Creativity and Mysticisms: Occultism and Magic.
14. Three Epochs: Creativity and Culture, Creativity and the Church, Creativity and Christian Renaissance.
‘The Meaning of the Creative Act [extracts].’ Translated by Stephan Janos and Donald A. Lowrie. In Creativity Will Save the World: Towards a Spiritual Humanism. Nashville: Alva Addison, 2021.


Nationalism and Imperialism.
Nationalism and Messianism.
See translations by Stephan Janos The Fate of Russia. frsj Publications, 2017. (below)
The Free Church.
Is a Social Revolution Possible?
The People and the Classes in the Russian Revolution.
See translations by Stephan Janos in Astride the Abyss of War and Revolutions: Articles 1914–1922. frsj Publications, 2017. (below)


The Fate of Russia. frsj Publications, 2017. isbn: 0996399240. Translated by Stephan Janos from Судьба России: Опыты по психологии войны и национальности. Moscow: Г. А. Леман и С. И. Сахаров Г. А. Леман и С. И. Сахаров, 1918. [K. 15]
In Place of a Preface: Worldwide Danger, pp. 1–6.]
Part I: The Psychology of the Russian People.
The Soul of Russia, pp. 7–32.
    From: Душа россии. Moscow: И. Д. Сытин, 1915. [K. 7] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1915_007.html.
Concerning the ‘Eternal Baba’ in the Russian Soul, pp. 33–44.
    From: ‘О вечно-бабьем в русской душе.’ Биржевые Bедомости, no.s 14610–4612 (14–15 Jan., 1915). [K. 187] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1915_187.html.
War and the Crisis of the Intelligentsia Consciousness, pp. 45–50.
    From: ‘Война и кризис интеллигентского сознания.’ Биржевые Bедомости, no. 14986 (25 Jul., 1915). [K. 201] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1915_201.html.
Murky Wine, pp. 51–56.
    From: ‘Темное вино’ Биржевые Bедомости, no. 15159 (20 Oct., 1915. [K. 212]
The Asiatic Soul and the European Soul, pp. 57–62.
Concerning the Power of the Expanse upon the Russian Soul, pp. 63–8.
Centralism and the Life of the People, pp. 69–74.
Concerning Sanctity and Honour, pp. 75–80.
Concerning the Relationship of Russians Towards Ideas, pp. 81–90.
    From: ‘Об отношении русских к идеям.’ Русская мысль (Jan., 1917): 66–73. [K. 256] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1917_256_15.html.
Part II: The Problem of Nationalness, East and West.
Nationalness and Humanity, pp. 91–8.
Nationalism and Messianism, pp. 99–106.
    From: ‘Национализм и мессианизм.’ Moscow: Г. А. Леман и С. И. Сахаров, 1917. [K. 12]
Nationalism and Imperialism, pp. 107–12.
    From: ‘Национализм и империализм.’ Moscow: Г. А. Леман и С. И. Сахаров, 1917. [K. 11]
The End of Europe, pp. 113–22.
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The Tasks of Creative Historical Thought, pp. 123–30.
    From: ‘Задачи творческой исторической мысли.’ Бир­жевые Bедомости, no. 15285 (22 Dec., 1915). [K. 218] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1915_218.html.
Slavophilism and the Slavic Idea, pp. 131–8.
Russian text ‘Славянопхильство и славянская идея,’ rewritten from: ‘Славянопхильство ы власти.’ Биржевые Bедомости, no. 15003 (3 Aug., 1915). [K. 202] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1915_202.html.
The Cosmic and the Sociological World–Sense, pp. 139–48.
    From: ‘Космическое и социологическое мироощущение’ Биржевые Bедомости, no. 15729 (9 Aug., 1916). [K. 235] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1916_235.html.
Part III: The Souls of Various Peoples (Parallels).
The Fate of Paris, pp. 149–54.
    From: ‘Судьба Парижа.’ Биржевые Bедомости, no. 14510 (22 Nov., 1914. [K. 181] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1914_181.html.
The Russian and the Polish Soul, pp. 155–60.
    From: ‘Русская и польская душа.’ Биржевые Bедомости, no. 14424 (10 Oct., 1914). [K. 178] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1914_178.html.
The Religion of Germanism, pp. 161–70.
    From: ‘Религия германизма.’ Биржевые Bедомости, no. 15608 (9 Jun., 1916). [K. 232]
Part IV: The Psychology of War and the Meaning of War.
Thoughts about the Nature of War, pp. 171–8.
    From: ‘Мысли о природе войны.’ Биржевые Bедомости, no. 14928 (26 Jun., 1915). [K. 197] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1915_197.html.
Concerning the Cruelty and Anguish, pp. 179–84.
    From: ‘О жестокости и боли’ Биржевые Bедомости, no. 15306 (15 Jan., 1916). [K. 220]
Concerning Truth and Justice in the Struggle of Peoples, pp. 185–90.
    From: ‘О правде и справедливости в борьбе народов.’ Биржевые ведомости, no. 15785 (6 Sep., 1916).
Mobility and Immobility in the Life of Peoples, pp. 191–6.
    From: ‘Движение и неподвижность в жизни народов.’ Биржевые Bедомости, no. 15535 (3 May, 1916.). [K. 229]
Concerning the Partial and the Historical Outlook upon Life, pp. 197–206.
    From: ‘О частном и историческом взгляде на жизнь.’ Биржевые Bедомости, no. 15785 (6 Sep., 1916). [K. 237]
Part V: The Psychology of Politics and of the Societal Aspect.
On the Abstract and the Absolute in Politics, pp. 207–12.
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Words and Reality in Societal Life, pp. 213–18.
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In place of an introduction: Concerning Inconsistencies in My Thought, pp. 7–19.
Part 1.
1. Personality, pp. 20–58.
2. Master, Slave and Free Man, pp. 50–72.
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Part II.
1. Being and Freedom. The Slavery of Man to Being, pp. 73–81.
2. God and Freedom. The Slavery of Man to God, pp. 82–92.
3. Nature and Freedom. The Cosmic Lure and the Slavery of Man to Nature, pp. pp. 93–101.
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5 Civilization and Freedom: The Slavery of Man to Civilization and the Lure of Cultural Values, pp. 117–29.
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1. (a) The Lure and the Slavery of Sovereignty, pp. 139–53.
(b) The Lure of War, pp. 154–63.
(c) The Lure and Slavery of Nationalism, pp. 164–71.
(d) The Lure and Slavery of Aristocracy, pp. 172–80.
(e) The Lure of the Bourgeois Spirit, pp. 181–88.
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(b) The Lure and Slavery of Collectivism, 2000–21.
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(b) The Aesthetic Lure and Slavery, pp. 237–46.
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I. The Spiritual Liberation of Man, pp. 247–54.
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Abridged Contents.
Definition of the Russian National Type.
The Crucial Importance of the Problem of the Philosophy of History.
The Problem of the Clash between Personality and World Harmony.
The Problem of Humanism.
The Social Colour of Russian Thought.
The Question of the Justification of Culture.
Authority and the State.
The Determining Significance of the Religious Theme.
The Eschatological and Prophetic Character of Russian Thought.
Summing–up of Russian Nineteenth–Century Thought.


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8. Manhood, pp. 110–27.
9. Spirituality, pp. 128–38.
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11. Immortality, pp. 149–66.
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1. Origins. Environment. First Influences. The Russian Gentry.
2. Solitude. Anguish. Freedom. Revolt. Pity. Doubts and Wrestlings of the Spirit. Reflections on Eros.
3. First Conversion. Search for the Meaning of Life.
4. The Domain of Philosophical Knowledge. Philosophical Sources. Existentialism and Romanticism.
5. Conversion to Socialism. The Domain of Revolution. Marxism and Idealism.
6. The Russian Cultural Renascence of the Early Twentieth Century. Encounters.
7. The Movement Towards Christianity. The Drama of Religion. New Encounters.
8. The Domain of Creativity. The Meaning of the Creative Act. The Creative Act as Ecstasy.
9. The Russian Revolution and the Domain of Communism.
10. Russia and the West.
11. My Final Philosophical Outlook. Confession of Faith. The Domain of Eschatology. Time and Eternity.
12. Concerning Self–Knowledge. The Limits of Self–Knowledge. Autobiographical Conclusion.
Epilogue (1940–1947).

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Introduction: The Struggle for the Truth.
1. Man and God—Spirituality.
2. Man and The Cosmos—Technics.
3. Man and Society—Socialism.
4. Man and Caesar—Authority.
5. The Hierarchy of Values. Ends and Means.
6. The Contradictions of Freedom.
From: ‘Противоречия свободы.’ Новая Россия, no. 3 (5 Apr., 1936): 9–10. [K. 412]
7. Community—Collectivity—Sobornost.
8. The Contradictions in Marxism.
9. Nationalism and the Unity of Mankind.
10. The New Man. The Eternal Man.
11. The Tragedy of Human Existence: Utopia: The Sphere of The Mystic.

Truth and Revelation. Translated by Reginald Michael French from the Russian 1947 manuscript. London: Bles, and New York: Harper, 1953. [K. 43b] This was the first publication of this book; the Russian text was not published until 1996. (Истина и откровение. St Petersburg: Изд-во Русского Христианского гуманитарного института, 1996).
Abridged contents.
Existential Philosophy and Spiritual Experience.
Truth is not an Objective Reality in the Sphere of Things: The Humanness of Truth.
The Spirituality and Universality of Revelation; The Humanness of Revelation.
Man and History; Freedom and Necessity in History; A Break with the Forensic Interpretation of Christianity and Redemption.
The Divine Element in Man. Redemption and Creative Power. The Paradox of Evil.
Reincarnation and Transfiguration; The Revelation of the Spirit and of the Age of the Spirit. Transcendental Man and the New Man.



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1. Spirit and Force.
2. Some trends in humanism.
3. The Two moralities.
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12. Russia and the New Age.

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