Brian McKinlayHello. A few years ago, I retired after a long career as a research librarian and information manager in the Australian Public Service, specialising in the sciences.

My life-long Christian faith led me to learn some theology by completing BTh(Hons), MTh, and a PhD. I am delighted to be a small part of the community of theological scholars.

I am a Benedictine Oblate of Jamberoo Abbey and an FRSA (Fellow of The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures & Commerce).

I am keenly interested in environmental politics, especially concerning climate change, and I guess you would call me a Christian socialist.

I love life at home in Canberra with my husband, James. We enjoy travel and much else together.


theology and faith, the first group of pages, includes my work as an apprentice theologian and also offers some opinions, reflections, prayers, sermons and other bits and pieces on theology, faith and life.

all too much gathers together pages about many things outside my theological work — people, culture & interests, issues, places of interest, and some notes and nonsense.

The life and love pages are snippets from my life and career, travels (especially with James), and family history and genealogy, as well as some thoughts about sexuality, life, love and faith. There is also my résumeé.

Blogs, etc.
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There is a theology blog. (It’s new so there’s not much in it it yet)

In too much blog, I scribble about whatever takes my fancy from day to day, sometimes serious, often not.

John McKinlayI also look after Kingdom pathways, the website of my late father, John McKinlay (1923-2014).

Not too much is the motto of the McKinlay family.