Dr Brian McKinlay, BA (Monash), TPTC (Vic), GradDipLibr (Canb), DipCompSci (LaTrobe), BTh(Hons), MTh, PhD (Charles Sturt), OblSB.

Qualifications in theology

Bachelor of Theology (with Distinction), 2000, Charles Sturt University.

Awarded the Laurence Murchison Prize. Included in the Executive Dean’s List, 1998, 1999 and 2000. Majored in systematic theology.

Bachelor of Theology (Honours Class 1), 2002, Charles Sturt University.

Dissertation: “By method of witness: revelation in Nicholas Berdyaev’s religious philosophy.” Published as “Revelation in Nicolas Berdyaev’s Religious Philosophy,” Open Theology 3 (2017): 117–133, doi 10.1515/opth-2017-0009. Supervisor: Dr Graeme Garrett.

Master of Theology (with Distinction), 2015, Charles Sturt University.

Included in the Executive Dean’s List, 2014 and 2015.
Research paper: “The thought of Ludwig Wittgenstein in Rowan Williams’s theological account of language.” Published in New Blackfriars 98, no. 1075 (2017): 327–41. doi 10.1111/nbfr-12225. Supervisor: Dr Benjamin Myers.
Major essay: “What insights might a public theology contribute to the debate on climate change?” Published in Uniting Church Studies 20, no. 1 (2014):61–81.
Major essay: “The Holy Spirit and the hermeneutics of scripture in the community of faith.”

Doctor of Philosophy, 2020, Charles Sturt University.

“An Agenda for Joy: Rowan Williams’s Theology of Conflict, Unity and Solidarity.” Supervisor: Dr Benjamin Myers.
The thesis explores a theology of conflict and disagreement through the work of Rowan Williams. It argues that conflict and unity are not opposed but are essential parts of the struggle for mutual recognition and solidarity. The thesis develops a theological concept of solidarity as a way of understanding both the unity of the church and struggles for the common good in society. Open access in full from CSU Research Output.

Qualifications other than theology

Bachelor of Arts (Monash) 1972
Trained Primary Teachers’ Certificate (Victoria) 1971
Graduate Diploma in Librarianship (Canberra) 1975
Associate of the Library and Information Association of Australia 1976
[Graduate] Diploma in Computer Science (La Trobe) 1985