Research interests

This list is changeable! I am open to proposals for work on the theology of these and other topics.

  • Theology of conflict in church and society.
  • Theology surrounding the church’s response to social and political conflict.
  • Theology of Rowan Williams.
  • Theological response to global threats, particularly in understanding conflict within the church and between Christians concerning their response to such threats. Why do we disagree and fail to act on climate change?
  • Sexuality — particularly in understanding why the churches are divided on homosexuality and other aspects of sexuality. Why is sexuality more divisive than many other matters?
  • Distinguishing the changeable from the immutable in Christian orthodoxy and orthopraxis, and thus in church response to social and cultural questions.
  • Tragedy and hope in theology.
  • Benedictine spirituality and practice and its application to church life and society.
  • Interfaith dialogue—especially with Muslims and Islam.