Atholl Brose

Winter is a good time for Atholl Brose. You can buy it ready made, but home made is better, I think.
athollbroseThere are a number of variations to this drink, first recorded in 1475. There are many recipes;  they are equally lethal.

This is allegedly the official recipe of the Dukes of Atholl.

3 rounded tablespoons of medium oatmeal;
2 tablespoons heather honey;
Scotch whisky.
The oatmeal is prepared by putting it into a basin and mixing with cold water until the consistency is that of a thick paste. Leave for half an hour and then put through a fine strainer, pressing with a wooden spoon to extract as much liquid as possible. Throw away the oatmeal and use the creamy liquor from the oatmeal for the brose. Mix four dessert spoonfuls of pure honey and four sherry glassfuls of the prepared oatmeal and stir well. Put into a quart bottle and fill with malt whisky; shake before serving.

I like this method, from a friend of mine:

1 bottle Scotch;
3-4oz (150g) course oatmeal;
3-4oz (150g) honey;
3/4 pint (450mls) fresh cream.
soak oatmeal and scotch for 48 hours stirring occasionally;
after 48 hours strain through finest muslin (butter or surgical);
set the honey jar in hot water to thin the honey, then mix with whisky;
add cereal liquid and mix well;
bottle, store in refrigerator for 24 hours;
cream brose must kept refrigerated until needed.

And here’s yet another version:

1 bottle of Scotch;
1/2 pint (330mls) of double cream;
450g of clear Scottish honey;
whites of six large eggs;
handful of fine ground oatmeal.
soak the oatmeal with the Scotch;
beat the egg whites until they become stiff;
fold the cream into the egg white mixture;
add the honey; blend in the whisky and oatmeal mixture slowly but steadily;
bottle the liquid and set aside for a week, shaking each bottle daily.

To all of which a friend commented: “Sounds delicious. However, for the hasty, I recommend the following: 1 c Honey Nut Cheerios; 1 c scotch whiskey; 2 oz heavy cream. Combine all in bowl. Eat with spoon.” [!]