Sandra’s Passover Lamb

Each year, my local church celebrates Maundy Thursday with a passover-style meal, foot-washing, the eucharist and the stripping of the sanctuary. Some feel that this is not an authentic Christian tradition. Perhaps not, but our celebration was thoroughly Christ-centred, while respectful and honouring of our Jewish brothers and sisters, whose tradition nourishes ours. It was a quiet, beautiful and worshipful evening.

The roast lamb was delicious so I prevailed on the cook for her recipe. The secret is slow cooking, more slow than the people of the Exodus would have had time for.

2 large legs of lamb
2 tablespoons Moroccan spices—Hoyt’s Moroccan spice mix is suitable
Zest of one orange
Pepper and salt
Toasted pine nuts

Place lamb legs in a roasting tray and roast slowly for 6 hours at 75°C—100°C.
Remove lamb from tray and let it cool covered in baking paper and a cloth.
Pour the juices into a container and place in the refrigerator until the fat has set white, then remove the fat.
Slice/break up the meat when cooled and place into presentation/serving dish.
Return the jellied meat juices to the stove and add spices, salt and pepper and orange zest.
Boil until juices have reduced by half then pour over sliced meat.
Sprinkle pine nuts over the meat.
Cover dish with aluminium foil and return to oven at 50°C to keep warm until served.

Serves 24 people or so, with vegetables, tabouli, potatoes, etc.