Anthony Gormley’s angel

The NGA has installed a 2-metre replica of the Angel of the North, by British sculptor Anthony Gormley, in its sculpture garden. Gormley made five cast iron maquettes of his massive statue. This one, made of cast iron, was donated to the Gallery last year by James and Jacqui Erskine. The 1998 Angel of the North, 20 metres tall with wings 54 metres across, overlooks a motorway at Gateshead in northern England and is seem by millions of people as they drive by.


Curiously this happened just before Michaelmas, the feast of Michael and all Angels. For centuries, artists have struggled to depict angels, spiritual beings known to us in many and mysterious ways.

angel_iconByzantine, c13th Icon with the Archangel Gabriel, tempera and gold on wood panel with raised borders, 105 x 75 cm, Monastery of Saint Catherine, Sinai.