Pentecost Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit of God,
Jesus promised that you would be with us.
We welcome you.
We worship you as Lord.
Your presence brings to us the glory of God.

Fill us we pray,
each of us,
all of us together.
Bind us together as one family,
made alive by your life, the breath of God.

Give to each of us we pray
the peace that Jesus breathed upon his disciples.
May your fire burn away the deadness of sin,
the hurt of failure, the pain of loss.

Holy Spirit heal us,
heal those who are in need,
those who have sought our prayers.

Renew us, refresh us, lead us.
Teach us forgiveness and forgive us our sins.

Holy Spirit,
lead us into all truth
teaching us all that Jesus taught.

Holy Spirit of God,
empower each of us
and empower our fellowship with your gifts—
gifts of power,
gifts of wisdom and speech,
gifts of discernment and skill,
gifts of blessing.

Holy Spirit of God,
be fruitful among us,
enrich us that we may be fruitful in you
with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity,
faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Holy Spirit,
come upon the whole church;
renew the whole creation.

Holy Spirit,
touch us now as we wait upon you,
for Jesus promised it. Amen.