Prayers for Palm Sunday

We pray for the church
Triumphant Lord, when you rode into the city, the people proclaimed you as king and conqueror. But they misunderstood; your great victory was to be on the cross. Help us in your church to recognise earthly victories for what they are, and to strive for victories of love and grace, for which the price is sometimes suffering and always death to self.
We pray for the world
Holy Lord, you were angry when you cleared the Temple of those who abused it for money and profit. Your anger brought restoration and cleansing. But in the world violence and anger cause pain, hunger and death. God of righteous anger, teach us how to do and say what we must without hurt to others. We pray for people in those many parts of the world where violence is a way of life. We pray for people in our own society who suffer violence of mind and body. May your peace, justice and liberty flow to all who are oppressed.
We pray for ourselves and our life together
Faithful Lord, as you entered the city on that first Palm Sunday, the crowds shouted their loyalty, yet you were soon betrayed and deserted. Our lives have humbler highs and lows; help us-individually and in our sharing together-to learn from the ups and downs of life, to know and experience you in every moment. Watch over us this Holy Week and draw us nearer to yourself in faith, hope and love.
We pray for those who suffer
Compassionate Lord, when you entered Jerusalem the crowd rejoiced. But some, perhaps, found rejoicing hard. Some needed your healing touch, the compassion of your presence. We bring into your presence those who are ill or suffering, especially . . . We also ask your help for those suffering loss due to flood and fire, now and recently.
We think of those who have died
Everlasting Saviour, when you rode the donkey, you were riding to your death, yet you lacked not for courage. May your strength of spirit be with those who near the end of life. Give loved ones need your courage and peace. We remember those who have died, giving thanks also for the lives of . . .