Prayers on the third saying from the Cross

Loving Father.
You have blessed us with friends and families, so that we may love and care for each other. Jesus thought of others even as he was dying. Even when deserted and betrayed, he remembered his mother and his disciple.
Deliver us from brooding about our own wrongs and misfortunes. Open our eyes to recognise all people as those for whom you gave your Son and help us to serve with love.
We ask that you care for and protect those to whom we are joined by ties of love and friendship. Help and empower us to make our fellowship a family of welcome and love for all.
Guard our land. Make of us a nation that offers the hand of care and friendship to other nations, especially those less fortunate. May this be a land of peace and reconciliation and of respect for the wonder of your creation.
Touch, we pray, and heal all who are sick, distressed and in any kind of trouble. We name them in our hearts now.
Be a friend, we pray, to those who have no friend. Touch and comfort those who, like Jesus, have been betrayed, and those who are lonely and dispirited.
Purify our homes by your abiding presence, we pray. Sanctify all our human relationships, and grant that, united with one another and all the saints, we may together be found in your heavenly kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord,