Prayers remembering the foolish rich man: Luke 12.13-21

God of richness and compassion, the gospel reminds us to set our hearts on heavenly things and to be rich toward you; it also teaches us to turn away from greed and to be open-handed with our wealth, our possessions, our time and our selves-and so we pray.

We cannot pray for those in suffering and need without being conscious of our own responsibility. As we listen to and watch the events unfolding in our world, we acknowledge our own failure as a community, as a nation and in the community of nations, to prevent the violence, hunger and suffering experienced by so many in our human family.

Direct us and our leaders that we may put peace, generosity and the care of the weakest above self-interest. Direct us and our leaders that we may put care of the Earth and respect for your creation above self-interest, sharing the resources of the Earth with equity and justice.

May your Spirit lead the rich nations to support the poor and strong nations to protect the weak; so that nations and peoples may develop and work together in true partnership for the promotion of peace and the good of humanity.

Grant us the imagination and perseverance to create in this land a just and loving society. Cause us in this congregation and this community to be agents of your compassion to the suffering, the persecuted and the oppressed, through the example of Jesus who shared the suffering of all.

As we and others, our families, friends and neighbours look for you, for the things that are of you, things that are above, things found in Christ, we pray that we may be a people and a place where you may be found, in all that we do and in all that we are-and in what we are not.

Help us, we pray, to share your love, your goodness, and your wisdom. Be present, we pray in word and sacrament, in sound and in silence, through what we do, and in what your Spirit alone can do in the innermost heart and mind. May we be a people of healing, may this place be a place of healing.

Jesus commanded us to be rich toward God. We give thanks today for the richness of the lives of those who have died and we look with rejoicing and hope for the riches of your eternal life, given in Jesus Christ, your Son.